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Employee Self Service


The Employee Self Service Portal helps reduce paperwork and improves data exchange between managers and employees.


Employees can to take control of some aspects of their employee record, like contact or bank information, remote clocking and holiday requests, reducing manager admin significantly.


Through the Self Service Portal Employees can make requests for holiday, view previous bookings and see their current holiday balances.


Requests are sent to their line manager or a HR contact for approval. 


At approval stage there is an opportunity to send a comment back to the employee explaining why you have either accepted or rejected their request. 


Both employer and employee receive email alerts regarding any action taken on the booking.


Any approved holiday booking it is then automatically inserted into the absence planner, and if using rotas or payroll submission, it is automatically inserted into those documents too.


Copies of your employees pay slips can be uploaded to the Portal.  Giving them access to historical slips – no more requests for copies – which they can print off if required.

Company Car Submissions

Employees can manage their company car records via the portal including entering weekly or monthly mileage figures for P11D compilation

Time Sheets

Employees who are required to submit time sheets can do so from the portal. 


Once submitted for approval their Manager will be notified and be able to see the time sheet in PeopleManager.


If a time sheet is approved it can automatically be entered into the next payroll submission.  

New Starter Onboarding

With the help of the portal the onboarding process can completely streamlined.

New starters can submit all their personal details, sign their documents, complete induction forms and declare they have read all the induction materials such as the handbook.  


When an employee returns to work they can record their absence via the portal explaining the absence fully and completing an electronic self-certification if appropriate.


This is then submitted to their line manager for review including approval of pay status e.g. Company Sick Pay or Unpaid Sick.  On approval by the line manager this will then automatically inserted into the absence planner and on to payroll submission.

HR Documents

Your employees can have access to view and print any documents you wish to post.


  The most common of these is your employee handbook but you can include any documents you wish such as policy or guidance documents to the library.

The system has the ability to record e-signatures or acknowledgement of viewing the document.

My Details

The employee can see key details from their employee record such as: contact details (including emergency contacts), next of kin and bank details which they can edit and therefore manage themselves. 


This automatically updates the HR records and via the payroll submission tools, informs payroll too.

Clock in & Out

Employees can clock in and out using the portal, geotagging can be enabled at the point of clocking.

This is useful for employees on the road or those working from home.

Forms For Submission

Any form relevant to your company can be submitted to Managers via the Self Service Portal.

Such as company Expenses which, like any other submission items, triggers alert emails to designated contacts so they can check and approve them. 


Once approved these can move into payroll submission. 



Employee appraisals can be managed efficiently via the Self Service Portal. 


We can use your current appraisal form as a template or if you would like help with creating an entirely new appraisal we can do this too.


Appraisal forms are created automatically against your recurrence and can be configured to suit your organisation.  There is the option to create individual forms for each job role and to include scoring criteria if required along with charts to plot progress.  Alert emails are triggered to show activity during the appraisal process


Employees can see details of all their current benefits.

If they wish to inform their manager or the HR contact of a change in details for example, this note can be submitted trough the portal from the benefits module.

News and Updates

We are excited to announce that the portal will be released as a phone app in the new year!

Other new features

Holiday confirmation emails now can be added to your calendar with one click.

Death nomination form has been released.

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