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HR Modules

Employee information in one place, PeopleManager ensures easy access to your employee information in a straightforward way.


Flexible reporting, activity tracking and much more will save you time and money.


You can pull reports for any information put in the system using the bespoke report builder or by selecting from our pre-made Report Library.

Additionally all table views, such as the list of employee records can all be exported to excel!

Here are some examples of our pre-made reports:-

  • HR Compliance

  • Labour Turnover

  • Compensation Statements

  • Timekeeping/Lateness Report

  • Absence Report

  • Employee Hours Report

Holiday Planners & Absence Records

For most businesses keeping track of employee holiday and absence history is a real challenge.

PeopleManager does all the for you! The system does accrual calculations for you, keeps track of bookings, taken holiday and generates holiday/absence planners for your team. 


No need for paper holiday forms. Employees enter requests through the employee self service portal. Managers will be then instantly notified by email  and can reject or approve from anywhere.

Appraisals & Organisation Charts

The appraisal module is designed to enhance your face to face appraisals. 

Use our default template or we can design a template specifically for the needs of your business. 

The forms can then be completed by the employees, online, from the Employee Self Service Portal.

HR Activities & Employee Training Records

Keeping track of your employees HR activities such as probation reviews, has never been easier.


Set up HR activities for individuals, by department or even the whole organisation. We can configure any type of Activity bespoke to your business needs.


 The system will notify the relevant manager of any upcoming activites/training, by email.  Managers can  also view all upcoming activities in the Activity planner or view an employees complete training and activity history. 

Employee Records

Have all your employee records at your finger tips, from pay, to qualifications to next of Kin. All is easily accessible with no need for paper filing!

Be sure you have HR compliance with system notifications of any compliance issues such as, out of date right to work, minimum wage bracket change due to age and much much more!

Ensure up to date data through the employee self service portal, employees can keep their personal details up to date, putting the responsibility for up to date employee records back with the employees.

Employee Messaging & Emergency Communication

The messaging module enables you to easily communicate to your employees.


Whether it is for an emergency communication  due to weather to alerting staff of free shifts, PeopleManager makes it quick and simple to contact your employees by text and email.

The system also allows for employees to return text communications,, for example if they wish to take an available shift.

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