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Pay, Benefits and Time & Attendance Module

PeopleManager helps you to manage pay and benefits with a variety of tools.


Whether you are an employer, who is interested in keeping a close watch on working hours or an organisations that offers complex additional benefits to their employees, PeopleManager can help these processes be managed efficiently and accurately.

Time & Attendance with Worked Hours

For employers who have workers who perhaps work irregular hours or are hourly paid the PeopleManager Time and Attendance solution is made for you. 

  • Rota building and wage percentage calculations with the aid of biometric clocking machines

  • Accurate and convenient way to monitor time and attendance - to help you keep track of lateness, overtime and absence

  • You pay for only the hours actually worked

  • Ability to log on remotely and check who is on-site at any time

  • Considerable savings on costs associated with administering and managing timesheets

  • Monitoring of Absence and Timekeeping

  • Fast and easy to install and use

Electronic Pay Slips & P60’s

Employee pay slips can be uploaded into PeopleManager and then securely issued to employees Self Service Portal.


Individuals payslips can then be accessed by employees using their Employee Self Service Portal log in.  Employees will have access to their current and all historical pay slips – doing away with all those requests for copies of pay slips – as they have the ability to print them as often and as many times as they wish.

P60’s can also be uploaded in the same way, giving your employees full access to their own pay reports whenever they need them.

Expenses Submissions

Make expenses more manageable with PeopleManager.

Expense forms can be compiled, with a picture of the receipts attached and submitted electronically by the employee using the Employee Self Service Portal. This gives employees the flexibility to submit expenses remotely, and also giving them an accessible record of the expenses too.

The module can be configured to your business requirements in the following ways:

  • Mileage rates

  • Subsistence rates

  • Types of allowable expenses to be claimed


The system will automatically calculate the cost of items such as mileage, using your predetermined rates.

Managers will be notified by email of an expenses submission and they can approve or reject.


The expenses can be exported in a report for your payroll provider and you can pull reports for expenses over a period or for an individual to help you keep efficiently.

Time & Attendance with Time Sheets

PeopleManager gives employers the option to use the Employee Self Service Portal to submit timesheets and overtime remotely for approval by the appropriate manager.

Managers can look at the submitted timesheet and confirm or reject the additional hours.


Once accepted these hours are then included in a payroll export, if required, and the employee receives an alert confirming the status of the timesheet.

Payroll Submissions

There are many ways in which PeopleManager can record your employees pay and benefits, all which can be made available to your payroll provider as exports.


This ensures no duplication of data entry for you and helps to achieve high data integrity with each payroll submission.

The export files that can be generated for Payroll submission include but are not limited to:

  • Amendment to HR records, e.g. new starters, leavers, change of address and bank details changes in pay period.

  • Worked hours from Clocks if using the Time and Attendance module which supplies your payroll provider with a breakdown of the hours worked by category, any overtime, holiday or deductions for sickness or lateness.

  • Salaried employee payroll submission including ad hoc payments such as bonus or commission along with sickness etc.

  • Benefit joiners – including pension scheme joiners


You can pull reports for any information put in the system using the bespoke report builder or by selecting from our pre-made Report Library.

Additionally all table views, such as the list of employee records can all be exported to excel!

Here are some examples of our pre-made reports:-

  • Expenses over a period or by individual

  • HR Compliance

  • Labour Turnover

  • Compensation Statements

  • Timekeeping/Lateness Report

  • Absence Report

  • Employee Hours Report

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