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NEW Touch-free Facial Scanner Technology

PeopleManager Software have recently sourced new state-of-the-art facial scanners. These scanners are entirely TOUCH-FREE so employees are simply detected by their movement when in front of the scanner. Other benefits include:

  • Up to 4000 facial templates stored

  • 4G enabled so can be moved to any location

  • Quick and easy to set up

  • Recognition across all networked machines

  • GDPR compliant


Check Out Our Latest Testimonial

"We have been using Peopletime to provide Time and Attendance solutions for our clients’ warehouse operations for over 3 years. They have always been extremely professional, efficient and responsive. They have been able to accommodate even the most complicated configuration requirements for each of our clients, which is no mean feat!  
To keep ahead of our changing requirements and market challenges they have recently introduced contactless facial recognition terminals. These have been a huge success for keeping our colleagues safe and reassured during the Coronavirus crisis. I would highly recommend the equipment, the software, the people and the company overall as they have helped us immensely to continue running our business in a safe and effective way during these challenging times."

Craig Golby Operations Director

  • Rotas and work hours made simple

  • Employee Compensation Statements – showing total remuneration

  • Payroll submission files for your payroll provider

  • Wage % calculation

  • Clocking any way you want – hand scanners, facial recognition, PCs, tablets and even phones! 

  • Management Reporting – Absence trends, Compliance, Employee Data, Turnover etc.

  • See who has clocked in, in teal time

  • Track employee sickness at a glance

  • Approve form submissions such as time sheets and expenses

  • Be informed of upcoming events such as birthdays and employment anniversaries

  • Form submissions  such as expenses 

  • Update personal details such as next of kin 

  • Post company documents such as the employee handbook

  • E-signing documents   

  • Submit holiday requests

  • Complete appraisal forms

  • View payslips 




PeopleManager is HR and Time & Attendance Software that has been developed over the last 12 years, for our sister company Peopletime Ltd. It has customers from all sectors and industries with a user-friendly and responsive software system to meet any requirements and budgets.  Customers include those from Retail, Finance, Local Authority, Manufacturing.


So we understand what is needed to have a flexible HR and Payroll system that can manage even the most complicated of work patterns and workforces. 


We are continually growing and expanding the scope of PeopleManager functionality. We understand that the nature of business changes constantly and we our priority is that our software evolves with that change.

Our systems does not stand still. We are constantly developing new innovations and expanding our products. 


PeopleManager Ltd provides cutting edge technology from end to end; PC to phone interfacing, to facial recognition software.


Our system is accessed using secure password protected logins from any device at any location.

It is a completely configurable system to meet all your business needs.


No other HR and Time & Attendance system is as flexible and comprehensive as ours! 


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